Fanny Allié - The Glowing Homeless 72in x 22in x 7in, neon light, 2011 

"Public Art event organized by Bring to Light NYC (Nuit Blanche), in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The Glowing Homeless is a neon outline of a human form resting on a park bench. Representing the homeless person sound asleep amongst the park’s crowds, through a rendering of neon light, I created an alluring object for Bring to Light NYC (Nuit Blanche). Through my implementation of attractive materials, I reversed the normal reaction of avoidance, and drew people towards the form on the bench."


Elinor Carucci


(via ourskin)


Cinema without people: Bastards (Les Salauds) (2013, Claire Denis, dir.)


Scald (2014)

Original one of a kind print. Speckle effect created by taking a lighter to glossy paper. No photoshop besides color correcting.

Available for purchase. Email me at jacobrobertprice@gmail.com for details.